Mediabiz EIS Film Fund

The Mediabiz EIS Fund is an exciting opportunity to invest in both media-related development and production services. The focus of the Fund is to combine capital appreciation with capital preservation, through various risk mitigation strategies. 

The Fund will invest in 2 companies, which have HMRC advance assurance of their EIS-qualifying status, and those companies will separately provide development and production services to media clients.

Innvotec’s Strategic Partner for the fund, Mediabiz International, is a Canadian Production and Financing company that works with affiliated funds with the aim of financing world-class media and entertainment projects through various platforms. Mediabiz, with both its experience in the sector and valuable relationships, is the perfect partner for the Fund.

Over the last 16 years, Mediabiz has participated in the financial structuring of over USD 3 billion of production volume. Its team is composed of high profile individuals, collectively involved in more than USD 20 billion of production volume. Their in-depth knowledge and network, both in finance and production, represents an added value for the investors and the producers. 

As we continue to see growth in the international film market, the advantage of investing in a non-cyclical industry, such as film and television, combined with the expertise provided by Mediabiz and Innvotec, is attractive for investors. The Fund will benefit from all the usual EIS tax advantages. 

For more information on the Fund, please contact us and we will set up a consultation with the Investment Director.

Mediabiz EIS Fund - Executive Summary 

Mediabiz EIS Fund - Information Memorandum

Mediabiz EIS Fund - Application Pack

Mediabiz EIS Fund - KID (Key Information Document)

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