Odyssey Mission Hybrid Fund

Launched in 2015, the Odyssey Mission initiative supports young entrepreneurs from the Indian sub-continent, who are beginning their entrepreneurial voyage in the UK. The vision is to mentor and assist them so they can cultivate the business opportunities that exist within the market and help make the UK the leading destination for South Asian startups.

Odyssey Mission emerged from a fruitful collaboration with interested professionals from the expat community, and graduate entrepreneurs who started new exciting businesses and were looking for funds. 

It is an initiative that will unfold and grow over time to bring long-term, sustainable benefit to entrepreneurs and investors. Its footprint will span academia, commerce, industry and the quasi-political but the objective and the beneficiaries will remain the same.

The Odyssey Mission SEIS EIS Hybrid Fund is the second in a series of planned venture funds dedicated to supporting emerging UK-based businesses at the various stages of their development. 

The portfolio companies of the first Odyssey Mission SEIS Fund 2016 are a carefully selected group of startups that allow collaboration and cross-promotions within their core businesses and with the intention of positioning Odyssey Mission at the helm of South-Asian entrepreneurship in the UK. To know more, please watch the video at the bottom of this page.

For more information on the initiative and the fund, please contact us or click here: Odyssey Mission.

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