Innvotec prides itself on being innovative and new products are launched at regular intervals. Both Advisors and Execution only brokers are familiar with Innvotec and its products and whilst we have our standard agreements, we are happy to work with third party’s documentation.

All our products come with a no “upfront” fees structure meaning your client receives relief on 100% of his commitment.

Our ability to hold and control client money means that we do not have to outsource which, in turn, means that there are none of those annoying add-on charges.

Management fees are deferred until exits arise and there is cash to pay, whilst Performance Fees are based on highly challenging “hurdle” rates and a portfolio based approach; many other firms take their “reward” on a company by company basis which benefits the firm but not the client. 

All our funds are “Evergreen” meaning that they are open for commitment all year round which from the investor’s viewpoint means his or her money is being put to good use in a highly timely and efficient manner and there is a minimum delay in receiving the all-important HMRC Certificates. Whenever possible our products are accompanied by independent review

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