Adolescent Care SITR Fund

The Adolescent Care SITR Fund is the first Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) opportunity from Innvotec and is probably the first in the country to take real advantage of SITR. The Fund is targeting £20m, which will be used to provide real social impact whilst providing capital preservation and a modest return payable on wind up.

Professional Advisors and the self-advised should look at SITR as an essential part of their “Philanthropic Toolkit” when discussing alternatives with clients. 

In the next 30 years, an estimated £20 trillion globally will transfer from the baby boomer generation to their children and grandchildren. Millennials, and those forming part of Generation Z, are widely acknowledged as making values-based decisions in all areas of their life. Advisors are now having to start to address philanthropy as an integral part of any discussions that cover the permanent transfer of wealth and the making of investment decisions today that will have an impact on the world that future generations will inherit. The terms “Impact Investment” and “Social Investment” are no longer being carefully put to one side.

The Adolescent Care SITR Fund (“The Fund”) has been designed to fit the joint criteria of being;

- a good investment in its own right, and

- delivering a real positive impact by helping young adolescents whose wellbeing is the responsibility of the Local Authorities

Innvotec’s Strategic Partner for the Fund Young London Today is dedicated to helping young people over the age of 16, in or shortly about to leave local authority care, make a successful transition to independent living, education or employment. These young people need to be taught life skills and the majority continue to need help in being able to address historic issues, many of which have been traumatic and the effects long lasting. Such specialist help is best given in purpose-fitted and permanent accommodation, which is at the centre of the Fund’s offering.

For more information on the fund, please Contact Us and we will set up a consultation with the Investment Director.

Adolescent Care SITR Fund Executive Summary 

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"I invested in the Innvotec SEIS fund in 2013 and have been delighted with its performance over the past 4 years. Having got to know John M and the team who manage Innvotec, I find them approachable, responsive and full of integrity with an exceptional pre-investment approach. As an adjunct, I have also taken up an investor/mentor role with one of the invested FinTech businesses, which is incredibly stimulating and fulfilling. "
"I had been disappointed by the returns available through the conventional share investments – and more recently by the widely varying performance of VCTs. Investing through an SEIS/EIS hybrid fund provides access to both types of such businesses – and also ensures that the full tax advantages of such investment are maximised. I was attracted to Innvotec as a fund manager, both by virtue of its excellent track record in both EIS and SEIS funds, and the fact that its charges among are amongst the lowest in the sector. "
"As a retired plc director I had some knowledge of investment, but being relatively new to such early-stage businesses, I was also concerned about risk. The OION fund was therefore an ideal way to spread this risk across multiple businesses and sectors and still enjoy the exceptional levels of tax relief. In the first semi-annual report I was delighted to see the progress which of the achieved within the fund - and will be including the new hybrid fund within my investment portfolio for this tax year."
"As a retired city lawyer, I was looking for a tax efficient – but hands off – scheme which would enable me to achieve both deductibility at the point of investment, and avoidance of capital gains. I was also attracted to the opportunity to support and back emerging enterprises from their earliest stages. Fund administration and communication by Innvotec have been to a particularly high standard; compliance with HMRC rules is straightforward, and as part of a broader investment portfolio, managed SEIS funds have an important role to play. "
"As an architect running a busy partnership, I was looking for a way of investing within a scheme which offered both high potential growth, and commensurate tax efficiency. Innvotec – with one of the longest track records within its sector, and a consistent and high level published returns – seemed an immediate and obvious choice. "
"Together with colleagues, I have introduced a number of private clients to the Innvotec managed funds. A key element of our selection criteria is transparency. Both ourselves and our clients appreciate a firm whose product charging really does favour the private investor. We have become accustomed to good performance, a highly professional team and quality of service."

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